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Weather Data Acquisition - Research into available weather records, including government archives and private weather sources.  Acquisition and processing of appropriate data.

★ Forensic Meteorology - Analysis and reconstruction of past weather events including interpretation of automated weather records, radiosonde observations of the upper atmosphere, climate records, and Doppler weather radar archives.  Development of expert opinion based on specialized and expert analysis.

★ Climate Services - Research into past weather occurrences, including summaries of average conditions, frequency of occurrence, extreme records, and probability of occurrence.

★  Expert Testimony - Preparation of opinion reports following guidelines of Rule 26 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure; development of presentations, charts, tables, and graphs for trial exhibit; deposition and courtroom testimony.  Additionally, we review opposing expert testimony.

★ Legal Support - James Duke Meteorology can apply extensive experience in the complexities of meteorology to help attorneys establish a solid basis for claims, or to find resolution to litigation.  My expert support has been in the following areas: storm damage to agriculture, personal injury or death resulting from weather, storm damage to property, automobile and truck accidents involving adverse weather, the influence of weather on airplane crashes, and flood damage claims. 
Expert Weather Analysis & Testimony
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